Kathleen listens with genuine curiosity and compassion to your whole being, encouraging you to do the same. This invites your body's story to emerge as a wise guide.  As self-attunement comes more on-line, it becomes a resource, helping you differentiate what is coming from the external environment and what is coming from inside of you.  As trust in this inner knowing increases, self confidence often improves. In general, increased resiliency helps in navigating stresses related to every day living as well as re-negotiating earlier painful experiences.  As your body, mind and spirit become more unified, your truest self emerges with greater ease. Life can begin to feel more relaxing and enjoyable!

“Depth and breadth"  
"Kathleen draws from her experience and training from a wide span of different lineages of healing, and has integrated them into her own unique practice.  She goes deep with whomever she works, and she can work with just about anyone. Her work is characterized by wisdom, compassion, and an uncanny sense of timing – she intuitively knows where the client is ready to go. When I make referrals, unfailingly Kathleen’s is the name at the top of my list”.
The Rev Carla V Pryne, Episcopal priest

Common topics clients bring to therapy to explore:

  • relationship issues, with self and others
  • somatically informed psychotherapy
  • couple and marriage therapy with heterosexual and LGBT couples
  • parenting, and support for blending families in second marriages
  • tools for negotiating major career and life cycle transitions
  • support in accessing a greater sense of purpose and authenticity in your life
  • developing skills to cope with pain, depression, anxiety, or chronic stress
  • unexpected life events such as accidents, health crisis, job loss
  • grief & loss, including death of a relationship, person, career, dream or a pet
  • renegotiating traumatic experiences, including early developmental traumas 
  • mid-life "re-visioning"
  • spiritual discernment and embodied contemplative practices
  • care for the care giver; clergy, lay ministers, social workers, medical professionals